Save up to $40 and travel the world with Airbnb!

Some days ago I wrote a guide on how to claim a free ride on Uber but today I want to share something even better: keep reading and you’ll discover how to archive a $40 Airbnb discount code for free.

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In the last few years I visited more than 10 different countries and I’ve often used Airbnb to find private rooms or houses to stay. Airbnb is growing in popularity very fast; as a result it’s becoming a standard in many cities with a huge amount of accommodations for all budgets.
Therefore, I consider Airbnb the best renting site currently in circulation.

Airbnb, il più celebre sito per trovare un alloggio per la tua prossima vacanza
Airbnb is the well-known website for those are looking for an accomodation

What makes Airbnb a must-have for travellers?

  • 1. Huge accomodations availability: No matter if you are looking for a luxury apartment in Buenos Aires or a bedroom in Rio de Janeiro, whatever you are looking for, you can definitely find it on Airbnb.
  • 2. Prices: There is a big difference between hotels and a private apartments in terms of costs. When booking accommodation directly from a private individual, prices are much lower and that makes Airbnb a cheaper solution.
  • 3. Opportunity to meet local people: One of Airbnb’s strengths is the possibility of getting in touch with people who know the city and with whom you can share many stories, dinners, or simply a beer at the local pub.
  • 4. Security: The increasing popularity of Airbnb has increased the security of using this website. In all the bookings I made I never had any problems. Above all, I always found very comfortable, clean and well-located apartments and private rooms around the world.

Are you in a hurry? Here is the quick link to receive the $40 Airbnb discount code.

How to travel (almost) for free with the Airbnb discount code

Here’s in detail how to earn even more Airbnb travel credits to start saving on each booking. It’s easy as a pie.

Register on Airbnb following this link and set up your new account; in this way you’ve earned something between $35 and $45 to use in your first booking. However, Airbnb often changes this amount and you can find out the exact amount by clicking on the above link.

A screenshot after having clicked the $40 airbnb discount code link
The welcome screen you’ll see after clicking my refferal link

Then you’ll see a page similar to the one above which shows you the exact discount available at the time of your registration.
Proceed with the registration and… WOOOW! You’ve just earned such a great discount that you can use on your first booking!

Simple right? Start using your Airbnb coupon code now!